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Jarrett Bolden, CEO

Jarrett Bolden is the founder and CEO of YourViewDr. His career has put him on the leading edge of testing and operating experimental aircraft, where he deployed to Iraq leveraging cutting edge technology for the warfighter. Then Jarrett pursued leading roles in developing lighter than air platforms for the military. Most recently Jarrett was the Chief of Operations for a firm that leverages innovative technology in the space sector.  Jarrett now brings his passion and enthusiasm for technology to the veterinary community.

Jarrett Bolden is deeply dedicated to his loving wife Connie and son Austin. He has an amazing black labrador who is daddy's little girl. He likes his wife's cat, Henry more than he cares to admit.

Dr. Connie Shang Bolden, DVM, COO

Connie Shang Bolden DVM is the owner for MiVU PLLC founded in August 2012. Dr. Shang saw a great need for diagnostic ultrasound being readily available to all veterinarians and has grown MiVU to servicing over 200 hospitals in the VA/DC/MD areas. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, Dr. Shang practiced in a small animal hospital for 8 years in Northern Virginia. She began doing ultrasounds during her time in general practice and later refined her sonographic skills further by completing numerous hours of ultrasound-specific continuing education at Sound-Eklin. Dr. Shang furthered her training by interning with Dr. Marty Henderson, founder of SonoVet, a mobile ultrasound practice serving the Greater San Antonio area. Dr. Shang now brings the convenience and expertise of MiVU directly to your veterinary practice in the VA/DC/MD area. In addition, Dr. Shang teaches ultrasound at multiple veterinary hospitals around the country. In her free time, Dr. Shang enjoys spending time with her husband Jarrett, her son Austin, and her fur babies May and Henry.

About Us was developed in 2018, but had its true start in 2012.  After practicing veterinary medicine for eight years, in a small animal hospital setting, Dr. Connie Shang, saw a need for ultrasound imaging in the VA/DC/MD area.  This led to the founding of MiVU (Pronounced “My View”), an acronym for Mobile imaging Veterinary Ultrasound.

The Mobile Life

Over the next six years, Dr. Shang and her husband Jarrett began to grow her mobile ultrasound business to servicing more than 3 states, as well as adding 6 other veterinarians to the MiVU staff. Through conversations with other like-minded specialty service providers, Jarrett and Connie discovered there was a collective desire to improve the delivery of services directly to the general practitioner. This is how YourViewDr was born.

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